اكبر مجموعة انشاءات الانجليزية باك 2012

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اكبر مجموعة انشاءات الانجليزية باك 2012

مُساهمة  mustapha airou في الجمعة أبريل 12, 2013 8:59 pm

1. 1-Youth
Youth is an important phase of human life . It is characterised by a lot of qualities and defects .
Physically , young people are normally healthy and vigorous .They are also full of vitality and dynamism .Morally , youngsters are very ambitious ,creative and passionate .Besides , they are full of gifts and challenge .That’s why nothing can stop them to realise their ambitions and dreams .
However , some youngsters are too careless and immature to take wise decisions .So they face many problems with adults .This is called generation gap .
It is true that youngsters are stronger and more ambitious but they cannot do without adult’s advice and guidance .
Humour is a great value. It makes life easier and more comfortable . How ?
Life is hard and full of bitterness and hardship .That’s why we need humour at home ,at work ,wherever.
Humour relieves fatigue and sadness .Besides ,it fights despair and depression .That’s why humorous people are always cheerful and optimistic. Furthermore, they are loved ,respected and friendly .
Yet , humour should not exceed certain limits .Otherwise ,it becomes childishness and silliness.
Humour is our life’s spice .Without it ,life becomes death.
Education has become a must nowadays .Without it , a person becomes vulgar and valueless .So how does education affect our life ?
To begin ,education is a human right that all people ,young and old ,have to enjoy .Besides ,education can change our life from total darkness into full light.
Educated people have got powerful personalities and a strong intellect. In addition , they can build successful careers and be financially independent .
Moreover ,they become socially accepted and respected . Therefore ,they contribute to the common development and welfare .
To conclude ,education is life ,whereas illiteracy is death.
Illiteracy is generally the inability to read and write .It also includes the inability to speak different languages and use computer. It is existing all over the world especially in developing countries.
To start ,illiteracy is a dangerous phenomenon which freezes development .To continue ,illiterate people are a real burden for the community since they cannot contribute to its progress properly .That’s why more efforts must be made to decrease illiteracy especially in rural areas .Government must open new schools and organise more literacy programs for the illiterate .Moreover ,the mass media must sensitise the population to the importance of education socially ,economically and politically .
Both individuals and government must cooperate to combat illiteracy and therefore sustain development and common welfare.
5-Sustainable Development
These days ,We hear a lot about sustainable development in the mass media ,and we hear more about its great importance in our life. So how can we promote sustainable development ?
To begin, sustainable development refers to a development which meets the needs of the present and the future generations. To continue, sustainable development includes three major issues: social, economical and environmental.
Socially, people should enjoy health care, social justice and adequate education .Economically, there must be a strong infrastructure throughout the country including: transport ,factories ,companies ,job opportunities for all , etc. As for environment, both individuals and government must cooperate to fight pollution and to preserve energy and natural resources. However , this cannot happen unless there is a political and social will.
Sustainable de Sustainable development is an urgent need. So let’s cooperate to push it forward .
Values are a set of principles and ethics in which a community believes .They are often influenced by a lot of factors such as religion ,traditions , background , economy etc.
Values are very important. They make one a good person , able to serve the community and consequently contribute to its development and welfare .Besides ,values are global .Honesty for example is the same everywhere .In other words , honesty for a Moroccan is the same for a French or American , and so are other values like freedom ,love ,good ,tolerance etc.
Personally, I think a person without values or ethics is as inferior as an animal ,and sometimes worse.
7-Problems of Youth
The youth represents a real power and a great hope for the whole community. But sometimes ,the youth may be a total destruction
To start , the youth is a very delicate phase of life .It requires much care and wisdom from both youngsters and adults .Otherwise ,there will be very negative and destructive consequences .A lot of young people including students have become delinquents .They smoke and take drugs .They also attack people for theft and rape .In addition ,some of them become prostitutes and gays .This is the worst a young person can ever go through .To solve this problem ,there must be continuous campaigns of sensitisation by the government and the mass media. Families ,too, must be more careful and intelligent to bring up the growing generations appropriately.
Still ,the best way is to go back to our religion because it is the remedy for all problems.
8-NGOs & Youth
Non-governmental organisations are more and more important these days .They are closer to the population and willing to help them solve their problems.
The youth can do a lot in these NGOs .They are full of vigour ,creation and vitality ,and this is what a successful organisation really needs. That’s why youngsters have to join NGOs to exploit their gifts and improve their skills .
These organisations empower the youth in order be active members in society. Besides ,They help them develop strong personalities and grow healthier physically ,intellectually and psychologically.
The youth is a great power .The best way to maintain is to join NGOs.
A lot of people think that to be a citizen is just to belong naturally to a certain country and having an identity card .But citizenship is more than that.
In fact ,citizenship is more than just an identity card. It is something moral and more spiritual. First of all , a good citizen must be aware of both rights and duties .Second ,s/he must respect his/her responsibilities before asking for rights .Third ,a good citizen is willing to contribute to the development of the mother country .S/he must be ready to sacrifice for the common welfare and prosperity. If one of these conditions is missed , you must revise your citizenship.
Real citizenship is a great value .Unfortunately ,many of us still don’t understand what it really means .
Almost half of Moroccan people are illiterate .They can neither read nor write nor use a computer .Isn't that tragic?
Illiterate people truly suffer due to illiteracy. Therefore, we have to help them. The government and associations should cooperate to combat illiteracy.
First of all, the government has to encourage non-formal education by organizing literacy courses for the illiterate .As for the mass media, they can do a lot .They have to sensitize people to the importance of literacy in day life. They can also show different programs for illiterate people. Literate individuals, including students, should cooperate as well .They can create associations for combating illiteracy and lead sensitizing campaigns in both rural and urban areas.
Real citizenship obliges us to do something for our country. To combat illiteracy is the first priority.
11-Application for a Grant
Dear Mr president ,
In reply to the municipal communiqué issued on February 16th,we would like to apply for a grant to a project that would benefit our city .
Our project works for environment preservation, and it aims at sustaining a clean and healthy environment in our home city ,Meknes .
Our main activities would be to sensitise people to the danger of pollution and to the importance of hygiene. We would also launch campaigns for environment preservation and organise several lectures and meetings. In addition ,we would buy new dumps and waste bins for each neighbourhood .
To implement this project, we would need an official permission in addition to your financial support.
The project needs a budget that can be estimated at a hundred thousand DH .
For more details ,we are enclosing a technical card for our project.
Yours faithfully
12-Tolerance of Moroccan People
Moroccan people are tolerant ,generous and very kind. They welcome all those who come to visit the country and find out its mysteries .
To begin, tolerance is part of Moroccan culture ,and this is crystal clear in its history which is so full of illustrations and examples. Besides ,Morocco has always been a safe place to visit. That’s why thousands of tourists come to see it without any fear. Furthermore, Morocco is a shelter for many foreigners from different cultures and religions who have found in it a second home to live in .
To conclude ,Morocco is the most beautiful country in the world.
13-Woman & Stereotypes
Woman is an intelligent being created to complete the other being called man.
In spite of all her efforts inside and outside home, woman still suffers from very negative stereotypes .She is considered to be inferior and unequal to man. Also , she is believed to be
controlled by her emotion not her mind .But the most common stereotype is that she is made just for house chores and producing kids .This is however false and unreasonable .
Woman suffers from many unjust stereotypes .It's high time to free her from that injustice.
14-Funny Story
Last week, I went with my friend to the restaurant for dinner .We watched the menu very carefully and asked for a very delicious meal full of colourful and beautiful food. We started eating greedily as we were so hungry .The whole meal cost five hundred DH, but it was no problem .I had money or I thought I had money. When I wanted to pay the waiter , I realised that I had forgotten my wallet at home .I was too shocked that I couldn’t say a word . We tried to convince the manager and the waiter of our good intention but in vain. We had to choose between three different alternatives : To pay or to go to the police station or to spend the night washing dishes in the restaurant .We chose the third option. It’s funny , isn’t it?
15-Rural-urban linkage
Rural-urban linkage is a crucial step to achieve sustainable development in both city and countryside. So what is it ?And how does it benefit the community ?
Rural-urban linkage is the growing mobility of people ,products and services between urban and rural areas . Of course it has a lot of advantages . To begin ,it creates job opportunities for people and therefore fights poverty. Moreover , it increases economical revenues and make better social status of citizens .But it is important to note that our country still needs an adequate infrastructure to implement this project especially roads and basic services .Furthermore ,such a project can destroy green space and pollute environment.
To link urban and rural areas is an urgent obligation nowadays .Whatever money it costs ,it deserves to be implemented as soon as possible.
16-Dropping out from school
Dropping out from school is a serious problem from which suffer a lot of families .It is the origin of many other crises within the society. So what are the causes and consequences of this phenomenon ?
First ,poverty or lack of means remains the most important reason. A lot of students drop out from school because they cannot satisfy school requirements .In addition ,lack of intelligence is an important factor too. Many of them leave school because they are not smart enough to understand courses .Delinquency is also one cause since a lot of students become addicted to smoking ,drugs ,theft ,prostitution etc. especially during their adolescence .
Dropping out from school opens the door for more and more problems such as unemployment ,misery ,crime …
Thus ,urgent solutions must be found to stop it .
17-A Book Review
A thousand and one Night is a famous book known in the Arab world .It is also famous and admired in the West. So what is special about this work?
A Thousand and one Night is a collection of tales and stories which have roots in ancient Arabic ,Persian ,Indian and Egyptian literature .It makes use of a very special technique which is " story within a story.”
The whole story is about a beautiful woman called Scheherazade who has to tell an authoritarian king called Shahrayar a continuous series of stories to avoid his anger and to survive therefore.. The most famous ones are "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp”, "Ali Baba and the Forty thieves” , "Sinbad the Sailor, etc.
The book uses many innovative techniques such as drama ,fiction ,suspense to raise the reader’s excitement and pleasure. Moreover ,it reflects Oriental cultures and civilisations which are so rich in customs and traditions ,glories and wonders ,secrets and mysteries.
For critics ,a Thousand and One Nights has a great value literally ,artistically ,pedagogically and historically.
18-Modern Women
Modern women have made great steps in many fields .They look too different from their sisters of the past .
Years ago ,women were regarded as inferior as slaves .They were obliged to stay at home and rarely leave it. In addition , they could not go to school ,vote or even protest against men. However , the modern woman is not a slave anymore. On the contrary ,she is free , powerful ,intelligent , ambitious and more beautiful. Moreover, they can lead a whole country as in Europe or America. However, her success is often at the expense of her family and herself too.
It is true that women nowadays are more active and powerful. But a lot of them pay a hard price for that. They may succeed at work but they often fail to take care of their families as in the past.
19-Brain drain
Brain drain is human capital flight . It is a serious problem which needs an urgent solution .
Due to poverty and lack of means, a lot of scientists and scholars leave the mother country towards richer and more welcoming countries.
Besides, most of them refuse to come back home escaping hard conditions of life .They prefer to stay in the host country for decades and decades .This may be egoistic and selfish, but at least, it is logical. Who can go back to a country where people still fight for the smallest human rights ?
It is true that brain drain is a great loss for the mother land .That’s why both rich and poor countries must cooperate to solve it .
mustapha airou

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